Uncoil winder

Supertek's automatic uncoil winder, uncoilers or unwinders (pay-off) consist of modular , intelligent units (smart winder units). They are compact, powerful and in particular they are perfectly suitable for precise unwinding or uncoiling of very thin, fine wire, flat wire, glass fibre, fibre optic cables, fibres, silk, film, solder, filament, etc.

Automatic uncoil winder, uncoilers or unwinders are available in various versions for different coils and coil sizes with rpm, speed, position and tensile force control.

Highly accurate tensile force and tensile stress control of the unwound winding material is achieved by the modular integration of the patented electromagnetic dancer on the unwinder. Wire brakes or wire tensioners are thus a thing of the past.


Compact unspooler, unwinder with 0.02mm wire and electromagnetic dancer
ED class unwinder
  • compact and modular unwinder
  • electromagnetic dancer with high-resolution traction control range
  • resolution from +/- 1mN
  • constant tensile force even with disturbing influences
  • sensitive and precise
  • direct drive for shortest reaction times
  • easy handling
  • professional coil pickup
  • fast clamp
  • fully electronic
  • special versions or also available as component solution
Modular unwinder with panel and electromagnetic dancer made by Supertek
Unwinder of the ED class as a laboratory and table device
  • unwinder as a laboratory and table device for fine wire
  • adjustable tension control range
  • high dynamics with direct drive for shortest reaction times
  • Electromagnetic dancer with high-resolution traction
  • tension from +/- 1mN
  • constant tensile force even with disturbing influences
  • easy handling
  • professional coil pickup
  • quick clamp
  • special versions or also available as component solution
  • no compressed air necessary


Multi-winder as unwinder with traversing layer of Supertek
Unwinder MW class / Multiwinder
  • traversing laying system
  • unwinder with product follower control
  • precision drive for dynamic speeds
  • fixed shaft with rotating flange or rotating shaft
  • high loads, professional spool mount
  • simple operation, fully electronic / mains operation
  • speed or tension controlled
  • optionally with electromagnetic dancer with high-resolution tension adjustment range
  • resolution from +/- 1mN
  • constant tension even with disturbing influences
  • sensitive and precise
  • optionally usable as a master or slave as a rewinder
  • optionally with external synchronization and position control
  • special versions or also available as component solution











Unwinder with electromagnetic dancer for medical clean-room application
Multi-winder as unwinder and rewinder for the clean room
  • multi-functional multi-winder for unwinding and rewinding with one device
  • winder for the medical clean room
  • Unwind with tension control and wire detection
  • rewinder with optimal laying on spools
  • speed or tension controlled
  • easy operation via touch panel with SUMMIpro
  • digital with recipe management of all parameters
  • polished stainless steel version
  • suitable for very thin wires and alloys
  • precise tension control with electromagnetic dancer
  • fully electronic, no compressed air necessary
  • flexible use



For many wound materials, e.g. for flat wires, tapes, foils or for unwinding with short distances it is important that the product is always managed on one line.
Winders with additional traversing coil drives, for example the MW class of multiwinders, can move the coil in the axial direction (traversing type) as well as in a rotating movement so that the unwound material can be unwound at a fixed transfer position perpendicular to the coil.

As far as unwinders are concerned, Supertek offers a sensor-controlled overrun control that ensures that the product is always unwound at right angles to the traversing coil in a line. This avoids, amongst other things, fluctuations in tensile force even in the most delicate range and the products are less stressed.



Multiple unwinders/ uncoilers

  • Consisting of a base frame and individual unwinder units.
  • Special designs or component solutions available


Several unwinder units with a flexible number can be accommodated in a compact machine frame for multiple unwinders.

The unwinder is operated thanks to the serial data communication via the different HMIs. Using Supertek's operating equipment is a convenient solution for setting and monitoring the parameters. Supertek's CMC can be used for simple applications. Supertek's touch panel solutions with the PC-based SUMMI software, are suitable for more demanding applications, such as in multiple unwinders or for rewinding machines.

Obviously, operation, monitoring, formula management and data saving can also be performed by another manufacturer's PLC or HMI, such as Siemens, Beckhoff or Allen-Bradley, etc.



Advantages of Supertek unwinders compared with traditional systems:


  • Intelligent, modular units
  • Digital specification of parameters, e.g. tensile force
  • System can be networked, digital communication
  • Rpm, speed, position and tensile force control can be selected
  • Highly accurate tensile force control and measurement in one unit
  • Digitally adjustable tensile force with high tensile force range at high resolution in mN steps
  • Increased quality, gentle, stress-free processing
  • Ideally suited to the most delicate wires, fibres, glass fibre and other delicate wound materials
  • Reproducible, digitally documentable tensile force control (track and traceability for consistent traceability of the line tensile force or speed)
  • Fully electronic system (no pneumatics or compressed air)
  • Process-dependent adjustment of the tensile force possible at any time
  • Suitable for dynamic processes
  • Easy to integrate into existing and new machines
  • Speed measurement
  • Crack detection
  • Short payback period
  • Increased quality


Can be uses as an unwinder, uncoiler, dispenser, outlets, shaft winder, reel, unreeler, multiple unwinder and can be used in annealing furnaces, dyeing plants, measuring devices, stranding machines, laboratory equipment, rewinding machines, winding machines etc.



Capstans are used to isolate the tensile force and can also be used to specify the line speed or the tensile stress.


For example, if wire or solder has to be drawn out of a drum, a capstan with a connected dancer can be used as an active, tensile force-controlled capstan and thus replaces the role of a spool-driven, tensile force-controlled unwinder. Capstans are also suitable for withdrawing wires or fibres.


Supertek supplies different capstans for this with highly accurate speed or tensile force controls.