Filling technology

Supertek provides you with technical solutions for weighing, dispensing, filling and mixing anti-caking bulk materials.


From small weighing machines, filling scales or filling machines for manufacture up to fully automatic industrial production lines, Supertek offers you complete, innovative solutions from one source.


Supertek's filling technology is used particularly for weighing, dispensing, filling, mixing and packing free-flowing and anti-caking products or bulk materials.

Supertek specialises in processing bulk materials for industry and in medical technology, e.g. granulates, pellets, powder and tablets and in the food industry, e.g. coffee, tea, seeds, grain, powder, spices, cereals and muesli.


Supertek will give you economical and, if required, fully automatic customised food solutions with new concepts and machines, such as intelligent filling stations, automatic machines, dispensing systems and mixing machines. With this Supertek sets new standards with modular, energy-efficient, compact, hygienic, powerful, intelligent systems.