About Supertek

Supertek GmbH is a think tank from North Germany and was founded in 2005 in a small workshop by the ideas man, developer and managing director, Gerd Janssen.


Gerd Janssen - Founder and Managing Director of Supertek GmbH

Even while he was studying electroengineering, he developed and patented an innovative electromagnetic wire tension controller, the so-called magnetic dancer, with the aim of revolutionising the wire industry.


With this founding idea he won the Lower Saxony start up prize and showcased the electromagnetic dancer to the public in 2008 at the Wire Exhibition in Duesseldorf using a fully electronic rewinding machine that he had build himself.


The global innovation convinced and inspired the trade visitors so much that the small 7.5 m² stand could hardly cope with the onslaught.


Not only the dancer but also the rewinding machine that had originally been built only for demonstration purposes met such great approval that Supertek has also sold fully electronic unwinding, winding and rewinding machines from that time on.


Even the food industry became aware of the small think tank so that Supertek in the meantime fully automated all the production processes for the growing muesli market, especially for individual muesli mixtures with intelligent filling machines, packing stations, mixing machines, automatic muesli machines, robot technology and all the software.


Due to the constant growth, in 2012 Supertek purchased a new company building with more than 1000 m² of office space, a modern workshop and assembly hall at Nesserlander Strasse 120, Emden.


All specialist skills for the development and production of professional, trendsetting, units, special machines and production systems suitable for industry are covered by Supertek's committed team with experts, engineers and lateral thinkers from business management, logistics, electroengineering, IT and machine engineering.


The Supertek team is looking forward to your inquiry and will be pleased to create a customised solution for you too.


Be inspired by us.