Sealing machine

Supertek produces semi- and fully automatic machines for closing and sealing of plastic or cardboard bottoms, especially for round combi-cans made of cardboard composites.


Seal machine for cover and bottom for combi cans

The bottoms are closed and sealed, for instance, by using bonding or thermal contact methods.


Manual feed of cans for sealing or fully automatic feed of cans depending on the customer requirements with conveyor belt, carousel or robot.


  • A cover magazine for holding the bottoms is possible in various designs.
  • Automatic taking out of bottoms with automatic sealing.
  • It can be extended by a printer for MHD imprint and camera test with MHD check.
  • Completion with further automatic processes, e.g. automatic feeding of bottom inserters, weight check, turning of cans, stacking, palletising, etc.
  • Manual or fully-automatic height adjustment for different can heights.
  • Easy tool change for different can types.
  • Easy parameterisation and operation
  • Due to PLC-supported automation - simple extension and implementation in overriding automation processes