Filling machines

Supertek supplies different types of filling machines, such as filling systems, filling scales, automatic filling machines, dispensers, portioning devices and dispensing scales for your free-flowing products.


Depending on the area of application, either volumetric or gravimetric dispensing systems are used for Supertek's filling machines.

Volumetric dispensing systems dispense the material by quantity. Supertek volumetric dispensers are used particularly for very homogeneous materials, such as powder or seeds.


Gravimetric dispensing systems weigh the material and thus dispense by quantity. Supertek's gravimetric dispensing scales are use in particular for the flexible dispensing of different volumes and bulk goods.


Filling machine with dispensing scale for bulk goods

The filling machines are available for semi or fully-automatic production processes.


Manufacturers happily use Supertek's small, reasonably priced dispensing scales and filling scales as an introduction to industrial production that can be scaled very cost-effectively from semi-automatic to fully-automatic production. Due to the industrially used, easily extendible automation hardware (PLC) and software, Supertek's filling machines, dispensing scales or filling scales can be retrofitted at any time with other scales or other systems, such as conveyor belts, robots, packaging machines, labelling machines etc. up to a fully-automatic production line. Even the operating software, in the form of a display on the touch panel, can be extended with additional process equipment. 

Supertek will happily support and help you from the start up and introductory phase up to a market-leading company with highly automated industrial processing.

Not only screw conveyors but also in particular oscillator conveyors or vibration channels are suitable for discharging free-flowing products from a silo or storage containers, for example onto dispensing scales because oscillator conveyors transport the product carefully.

Oscillator conveyors with electronic actuators are available with unbalanced or magnetic drives. Supertek uses unbalanced drives preferably for mixing or loosening granular and lumpy products. Supertek's vibration channels are suitable for the accurate, rapid control of the transport speed because they are driven electromagnetically with modern, finely-adjustable power electronics. Supertek supplies vibration channels for the dispensing system in the small power range for dispensing processes and packaging units from 1g to 25 kg. 

Vibrating conveyor for bulk goods

Dust reduction with the Clait system


A new development in filling technology is Supertek's innovative close loop air transportation system, the Clait system.

The dust produced by dusty bulk goods, such as muesli, flakes, etc. is greatly reduced by the Clait filling system. With the Clait system the systems' hoppers and silos and the transport containers or supply trolleys are fitted with special opening flaps and air channels so that the air to be dissipated from the silos can be exchanged with the air in the supply trolleys.

Thus dusty ambient air is a thing of the past.

  • Clait system supply trolley
  • Clait system silo
  • Clait lifting systems
  • Clait system mixing machine
  • Clait system filling system
  • Clait system big bag discharge machine