Winding technology


Supertek offers perfectly adjusted products and machines for unwinding, winding and rewinding very thin, delicate materials, such as wire, flat wire, glass fibre, fibre optic cables, fibres, filaments, silk, film,oil, solder, etc.

Supertek gives you the best technology in the world for winding thin wires, fibres and other delicate materials:


  • Highly accurate tensile force control from 1mN to 6N with the patented electromagnetic dancer.
  • Accurate positioning with a resolution from 1µm with the fully electronic laying machine.
  • Positionally accurate winding with high resolution drive units.
  • Process-coordinated control technology for coiling and winding technology with specially developed hardware and software (MCU)
  • Intuitive, efficient and easy to operate due to SUMMI's visualisation and operating software
  • Reproducible parameters that can be saved digitally (track and traceability for consistent traceability of tensile force, speed, position, location, traverse pitch, etc.)
  • Modular construction with compact, modular units
  • Open, simple connection to other inter-process devices and machines
Respool machine consisting of 2 multi-winders
Perfect team work
Two multiwinders and the electromagnetic dancer:
Highly accurate rewinding. The multiwinder is a multifunction winder with which you can unwind, wind and rewind. Even flat wires and other problematic materials are wound with the best winding results due to the traversing spool drive with electronic positioning.
Electromagnetic dancer EDL 60 with wire and rolls
Electromagnetic dancer

High precision tension control from 1mN to 6N with the patented Electromagnetic Dancer