Research & Development

Supertek invests in research and development and thus ensures for itself and also for its customers future-looking, world-leading innovations.


Supertek's research and development team develops application-orientated, technological solutions in the field of mechatronics and by the interdisciplinary interaction between electrical engineering, mechanics and IT especially for filling and winding technology.

From preliminary development up to series and market-orientated product development, new technologies are tested for their feasibility for applications in new processes and products, evaluation models and prototypes are built and optimised for mass production.


Supertek and its engineers and lateral thinkers use the full range of all the necessary disciplines with the key qualifications of electrical engineering, mechanics and IT to develop mechatronic and also customised products for its customers, from the idea to the finished product - all from one source.


Research and development as solution principle with customer and Supertek


Development for a single application or series production:


Electrical engineering

Electronics development - EMS, Electronics Manufacturing Service

Supertek plans, develops and manufactures its own electronics.  Our electrical engineers and technicians develop your electronic circuit, compile the necessary wiring diagrams for this, simulate the operation of it with modern simulation software, design the EMC-compliant circuit board layouts, build prototypes and test the circuits for your application. If required, Supertek will provide you with the EMS value creation chain:



  • Development
  • Design
  • Materialmanagement
  • Production
  • SMD assembly
  • THT assembly
  • Soldering process
  • Testing
  • Logistics
  • After Sales Services


We develop and design the necessary mechanics of moveable and fixed parts with our 3D design department. Supertek uses not only pneumatic but also in particular electronic actuators, electric motors and electronic control units for automating movement processes which give the advantages of higher energy efficiency, positioning accuracy and dynamics.
Supertek uses the latest, intelligent sensors to trace positions and monitor statuses. Supertek makes calculations and simulations with FEM, for example, for dynamic and moveable and also rigid parts.



Supertek develops integrated, cross-platform software solutions for automating user-orientated software on PCs, computer and software systems as well as IT systems up to industrial, fully automated calibration and control with microcontrollers, µCs, CPUs, embedded systems, PLCs and server applications. One of Supertek's research areas is barrier-free communication between the individual and very varied platforms and programs to develop intelligent systems and processes for Industrial Era 4.0.


Research and devopment project cooperating with the Technischen Universität Braunschweig

TU-Braunschweig and Supertek with machine for the production of cylindrical coils

CoWiM - Development of novel, modular coil winder modules