Industry 4.0

With Supertek you have a competent partner for your entry into the networked Industry 4.0.


Digital networking is the basis for artificial intelligence and creates the prerequisite for self-learning systems.

For this reason Supertek develops and plans equipment, machines, systems and logistics processes with barrier-free, intelligent interfaces for digital networking.

All parameters and data of the sensors and actuators that can be found in the whole system can be detected and adjusted flexibly. The sensor or actuator detects its own status and can respond to changed environmental conditions. As a result of this the life cycle phases for self-monitoring maintenance can be analysed.

Men, machines, systems, logistics and products communicate and cooperate directly with each other in Industry 4.0.




Industrial revolution from Industry 1.0 to Industry 4.0

Smart Industry from Supertek with Industry 4.0 periphery


Robot and App as Industry 4.0 digitalisation with Supertek


Example of Mymuesli:

As early as 2010, Supertek made a muesli machine or a production system for Mymuesli for the fully automated production of customer-specific, individual mueslis that can be made up via an Internet shop from more than 80 different ingredients with up to 566 billion muesli variations.

Due to barrier-free, digital networking, the whole muesli production system can be monitored and managed no matter where you are, for example with an I-pad.

No expert knowledge for monitoring and operation is necessary due to an interface that can be operated intuitively with a visualised production system.

The sensor and motor data and any parameters can be monitored visually and adjusted for the flexible, optimal modifying of production speed. This creates the basis for self-optimisation.

Without changing the production system, new or seasonal ingredients can be changed in the online shop very easily and flexibly.

Each container is given a bar code with an individual number so that all production and logistics data on the container can be allocated at any time. As a result automated picking and paperless dispatch and traceability are easily possible.



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