Our programmers and software developers create efficient programs and software solutions for you with our automation technology for your automation solution.

We provide suitable measuring and control technology components and operation and displays for your machine or system.


Supertek provides integrated, cross-platform software solutions for automation and automation technology from user-orientated software to PC, computer and software systems and IT systems up to industrial, fully automatic adjustment and control units with microcontrollers, µCs, CPUs, embedded systems, PLC and server applications.

You can obtain all the necessary software solutions without open interfaces from Supertek from web platforms up to automated machines and production.



  • Server programming
  • Web solutions
  • Internet shops
  • Microcontroller programming
  • Embedded systems
  • PLC programming
  • Device programming
  • Machine programming
  • Display
  • Office applications
  • Remote maintenance


PLC 1200 von Siemens with software of Supertek
PLC 1500 von Siemens with software of Supertek


As well as industrial PLC and microcontroller control units, Supertek also supplies PC-based software solutions. These include application programs to operate and control automated systems. Supertek also supplies complete solutions with a seamless transition from Internet shop up to automated industrial production all from one source.


Supertek GmbH automates its processes - economically and efficiently.


Supertek plans, develops, designs, programmes and produces your automated solution from the machine up to a production line.


  • Planning
  • Consultancy
  • Component selection
  • Wiring diagram drawings
  • Electronics development
  • Programming
  • Control cabinet construction
  • Integrations
  • Device construction
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Commissioning
  • Service


If required, our team of engineers, technicians and programmers will support you in your planning, will advise you in selecting components, will take on wiring diagram drawings, will programme your system, manufacture, test and integrate your control cabinet.


Development of electronic system with circuit board of Supertek

With our in-house electronics development you can also obtain customised technical solutions that are not on available on the market, such as electronics components or equipment.


With our in-house control cabinet construction we can produce your state-of-the-art control cabinet for your system or machine complying with the current VDE and harmonised standards.


With our in-house design you will also obtain a complete solution for all necessary design tasks, compiling drawings, calculation and 3D display.


Our in-house machine construction will successfully convert your idea into a functional machine or system economically, on time, with reliable planning.


You will also benefit from our multidisciplinary, qualified team.We will be pleased to advise you.