Software solutions

Supertek creates effective, customised programs for an integrated solution from an online application incorporating a shop up to embedded automation software for fully automatic production and logistics.
Supertek offers cross-platform software solutions for communication between the various programs and platforms, such as servers, PCs, PLCs, µC, and HMI for the intelligent factory in Industrial Era 4.0.


Supertek gives you customised:


  • User programs for PCs (C++, C#)
  • Visualisation software for touch panels, HMI
  • Content management programs with an online shop for websites 
  • Logistics and data transfer programs (scanners, cameras)
  • Production process software 
  • Automation software for µCs, embedded systems and PLCs



HMI and visualisation of touch panel, PC and PLC


PC-based software solutions are particularly advantageous for users and operating programs. Supertek programs, for example, programs for operating and saving data in winding technology on PC platforms, such as the SUMMI software, goods management software for filling technology or picking software for Logistics.



Supertek uses SIEMENS' control units in particular with the STEP 7 SIMATIC Manager and the TIA portal.


Supertek offers comprehensive software solutions for all SIMATIC controllers for technology and drive technology:

Several PLC controls made by Siemens and Supertek


  • S7-200
  • S7-300
  • S7-400
  • S7-1200
  • S7-1500


In order to manage a high volume of incoming data, if required, Supertek will create a solution with a Siemens microbox for you. Both PROFIBUS and PROFINET can be used to communicate with individual stations.

Your systems can be controlled and monitored centrally via an HMI panel. These visualisation systems are based on WinCC or WinCC flexible and can be adapted to your requirements and customised for your systems and created for you.

Our customers value our remote maintenance options. Thus, if you wish, Supertek can control and monitor your processes and systems remotely.


Microcontroller for automation of Supertek


For automation tasks for which a traditional PLC is too slow, too big, too costly or too inflexible, Supertek develops its own microcontroller units especially for devices and machines for quick, accurate processes.
The microcontroller units consist of processors and peripheral equipment with the appropriate digital and analogue inputs and outputs and interfaces for the required communication (RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet, etc.).

As a result of their experience from winding technology, there is in particular expertise in producing microcontroller units for rapid, dynamic process sequences and the precise control of high resolution drive systems.

As well as industrial PLC and microcontroller control units, Supertek also supplies PC-based software solutions. These include application programs to operate and control automated systems. Supertek also offers complete solutions, with a seamless transition from Internet shop up to automated production, all from one source.