Control cabinet construction

Supertek gives you a range of products and services for control cabinet construction using the latest technology both for individual applications or for series production:


Supertek plans, designs, draws circuit diagrams, produces, builds and fits control cabinets for your system or machine in compliance with the current VDE and harmonised standards.

Supertek's internal control cabinet production and component assembly builds your switching systems, control and converter cabinets for you with the necessary automation and control technology, PLCs, control, calibration, microcontrollers, PC systems, circuit boards, measuring systems, servo regulators, drive control and frequency converters.


Supertek builds control cabinets and housings, switching systems, energy and sub-distributors, measuring systems, field distributors, operating devices and control panels to your requirements economically and efficiently.


Control cabinet with power distribution and PLC

Control cabinet with several MCU and EDD made by Supertek


Project implementation, engineering and production for control cabinets, control and process management systems. This enables Supertek to produce control cabinets internally - all from one source.


With the specialist knowledge of our engineers and electrical engineers you will receive from us a complete package for your control cabinet construction, including a risk analysis and risk assessment of your application, machine or system. Supertek integrates the necessary safety features and equipment, safety switching devices and provides protective devices and safety equipment with emergency switch-off or emergency stop functions.