Software SUMMI

Software SUMMI is a convenient and easy-to-use application software (HMI) for parameterizing, operating and monitoring components and machines of the winding technology on a touch panel.


SUMMI can be used for different applications


  • Unwinder
  • Winder
  • Electronic laying
  • Tension control
  • Rewinder
  • Maschines with several winders


  • Tension controller
  • Speed control
  • Length measurement (for sections and total length)
  • Stop according to defined number of turns or length
  • Winding calculator for laying on spool
  • Different user levels
  • Recipe management with storable files of all configurations for different applications, coil types and / or products


System requirement: PC or touch panel with Windows operating system
Interface: RS485 or USB
Supported hardware: MCU, EDD




Supports up to a total of 16 components MCU and / or EDD


SUMMI easy
supports a component MCU or EDD


PDF Document SUMMI Datasheet SUMMI

Professional program for the winding technolgy: SUMMI


Software SUMMI with data storage of the coil parameters